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Pole Dance, witch, levitate


My love of pole and aerial began as part of a much larger, life-changing transition. At 30 years old, I found myself unhealthy and unhappy, so I set out on a mission to change my lifestyle, and also do the things I always wanted to do. After getting strong and healthy through diet and exercise, and crushing my weight loss goals, learning to pole dance was next on the list. And all it took was one class for me to realize that this was my calling. Three years later, I took over The Vertitude LA, where I have helped to create an incredible and supportive pole and aerial community that I am very proud of.

As an instructor, I have a passion for teaching beginners and love nothing more than watching my students move on to more intermediate and advanced classes with a solid foundation to pull from. I will make you do the hard work early, and have fun doing it, so that when you’re ready to fly, you will be able to do so with strength and grace!




Danielle G

Los Angeles, CA​

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